About Me

My name is Array. My hobbies include skateboarding, biking, surfing the web, play video games (including emulation) and programming. I tinker a lot with electronics and tend to jailbreak and homebrew them whenever possible. I use Arch Linux btw . I created this website and constantly update it with new content (come back later!). I set up, configured, host, and operate this website, and all of its related services.

My website is split into a couple sections:
Section Section topic
About Me Overview of this domain and its owner.
Banners A list of banners.
Blog My personal blog where I info dump and take forever to post.
Chat Chat and social services are I host.
Games Games that I programmed or implemented.
Repository Packaged applications I coded.
Socials My social media profiles.
Services Applications that I host but not necessary coded (Most useful imo).
Projects Things I created or contribute to.
Webrings Links to other people's websites which may or may not be similar.