What is Matrix?

Matrix is a decentralized, real-time, federated and end-to-end encrypted communication protocol. To keep Matrix decentralized, please create accounts on homeservers which are not the official one or really large ones. I host my own instance of the Synapse Dendrite server implementation using docker and ansible. I host various web clients for Matrix (can be found here), however other clients can still be used too; I use (and recommend using) Cinny, hosted here. Dendrite is currently in beta which means the server may experience issues, bugs and missing features. It is recommended to run your own homeserver or use a known stable homeserver.

Basic information

Public registration has been closed due to spam. If you would like an account please contact me.

Migration to Dendrite

I migrated my server from a Synapse instance to Dendrite due to various reasons. Migrating between server implementations is not a thing yet, so I have start a new database for Dendrite to use. The old server was hosted at the base arrayinamatrix.xyz domain. I have a copy of the original database in case its possible to be used by Dendrite. Dendrite's database has been corrupted a number of times and a new database is needed. If you would like to have your data deleted please contact me. All previous databases and user data have been deleted permanently.

Homeserver location

The homeserver along with anything hosted on chatinamatrix.xyz or any of its subdomains is hosted on a virtual private server (VPS) in Iceland, registered with 1984. Previously, everything was hosted in Canada on a self hosted physical server. The change was made to provide better performance and easier maintenance.


We prohibit any malicious activities on our services, which include but not limited to:

We reserve the right to disable and/or remove any account for any reason(s). We will cooperate with the Canadian police department if deemed necessary. Rules may change without notice. By registering on our servers, you agree to abide to and understand the above rules.

List of (lists of) Public homeservers

We are not affiliated or endorse any of the sites, site-owners, or homeservers in the list above.