Privacy Policy &

last updated: 22/11/2022
We do not collect any personal data or any information that can be used to identify you. IP addresses are logged for a maximum of one day. If you want your IP address removed from the IP Grabber, just contact us and we will purge the list. We record server analytics and statistics such as generic system information (CPU, memory usage, etc.). Pages that require some client side JavaScript code are denoted by the smash product symbol "⨳", external websites are not included.

last updated: 22/11/2022
Server analytics and statistics are only used to improve and monitor the health of the Dendrite server. We use Google's ReCAPTCHA to reduce automated spam bots. Access logs (include Matrix federation) are purged daily. We only require a password and username to register on our Dendrite chat server, all other data (email address, phone number, etc.) are optional. Messages deleted from this homeserver will not, and can not, guarantee their removal from federated homeservers. Anyone, including server admins, can see all unencrypted data!

Rules for our matrix homeserver can be found here.


last updated: 22/11/2022
We may update or change our privacy policy without warning. All of our services are provided on a As-Is basis without any warranties. We will NOT notify you of any changes to the privacy policy.

For additional information or support please email us at or message us on one of these platforms.